Welcome To Argyle waterfall

The journey through eden:
Getting there begins with a leisurely walk along an easy trail under a canopy of whispering trees. The journey itself is an adventure for the sense as you trek through the lush undergrowth. The trail abounds with a breathtaking variety of buttterflies, spiders, lizards and snakes. The sound of exotic birds such as cocricos and parrots create a cacaphonic orchestra of chirps as if to serenade the unspoil beauty of this eden. In a small marsh, miniature caimans play hide and seek between the floating water lilies. The vegetation reflects an incredible diversity and the land is a loosely knit tapestry of trees including the poui, mango, cocoa, wild pines, bois cano, silk cotton, cedar and pawpaw among others. Adding to the richness and colour are burst of wild blossoms such as orchids, mimosa, heliconia

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Local adults – TT$50.00 per person
Local child – TT$25.00 per person
Foreign adult – TT$60.00 per person

Foreign child – TT$30.00 per person

Primary Schools – TT$20.00 per person
Secondary Schools – TT$25.00 per person